Direct Debit

EFT: The best solution for your finances

EFT is a payment collection option which enables your organisation to draw payments from your customer’s accounts on a regular basis. The customer authorises payments to be collected automatically from their credit card or bank account, keeping you in control of the payment process and cash flow, and ensuring payments are collected on time.

Advantages of EFT for your business

There are a number of reasons to consider EFT:

  • Constant, reliable cash flow – provides greater certainty for cash flow forecasting
  • Manageable -  keeping you in control
  • Timely scheduled payments every month
  • Reduced time and resources spent chasing late or unpaid accounts
  • Improves cash flow and working capital
  • Is more cost effective than many other funds collection mechanisms
  • For your customers, EFT is convenient – invoices are taken care of using a set and forget payment schedule

EFT – Who does it suit?

EFT is suitable for organisations that collect regular payments from the same customers.

Get started with EFT – the total billing solution!

Debitsuccess is an international full service EFT initiator. Save time and money, and reduce unnecessary admin work with the help of our efficient system. We can take the hassle out of billing and take care of the paperwork for you, leaving you with more time to spend on building your business.

It’s easy to apply! Simply contact us today and see how we can tailor an EFT solution for your business.