Customer Service

Our Customer Service starts from the day your customer signs the EFT authority, when we send out a welcome letter to them explaining the details of the contract they have entered into.

All customers are invited to call us on a toll free number to discuss any financial aspect of their contract. In essence this allows you to outsource the administration of your EFT and recurring credit card payments to us, freeing up your valuable time and allowing your staff to concentrate on other aspects of the business.

We apply your rules of engagement in all our dealings with your customers.

Feedback to Clients

Every aspect of the Debitsuccess Credit Control and Customer Service activity is completely visible to you via our website in real time.

Debitsuccess’ online access via our website gives you 24 hour, 7 day access to the up-to-date data held by Debitsuccess about your customers including full transaction history, future payment plans and detailed call notes of every contact we have had with them or you regarding them.

You can search for a particular customer or group of customers using any part or combination of their first name, last name or Debitsuccess reference number. You can view contact details, payment details, transaction details and call note history. You can also send variations or changes in details direct to Debitsuccess as well as print reports and upload invoices.

Customer Service: (415) 269-0529
Sales Inquiries: (415) 269-0529

Online Inquiries: Click Here

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Contract processing and reporting

Contract processing

Debitsuccess does not rely on the post for contract processing. All contracts are processed electronically straight into our system. The actual signed customer contract is able to be viewed or printed via the Debitsuccess website, another unique feature of Debitsuccess' standard service.


A full suite of reports are sent electronically to you every day. These reports detail the following activity that occurred in our system the previous day:

  • all new customers loaded
  • all suspensions applied
  • all cancellation requests processed whether successful or not
  • clients due to expire in the next 30 days

On a weekly basis there is a consolidated summary of the daily reports along with a detailed list of all collections made the previous week, and information about overdue customers.