August 2013 Web Service Release
27 August 2013

• Ability to increase account balance with AdjustAccountTotalValue message (restrictions removed).

• ExternalTransactionIdentifier was added to GetPaymentHistory messages

• Ability to adjust the external account reference number with new AdjustAccountExternalAccountRferenceNo message.

• Ability to change the next payment date of an account with new AdjustAccountNextPaymentDate

• Ability to delete pay schedules with new message DeletePaySchedule.

• Messages with dates in requests like the suspension messages return warnings if the date fields contain time (are not 00:00:00.000).

• The Account returned in several messages including GetCustomerAccount messages was extended with 2 new properties: OutstandingBalanceWithoutFees, OverdueAmountWithoutFees.

• Ability to change suspension end date was added with the new message AdjustSuspensionEndDate.

• Ability to create open ended suspension with existing message SuspendAccountBetweenDates when end date is null.

• Ability to waive establishment fee when posting an account.

• Ability to get facility account/contract details (commissions, rates) for a specifc contract prefix with new message GetFacilityAccountConfiguration.

• Bank account numbers will be masked when retrieved with GetCustomerAccount messages

• Ability to use PaymentCollected message for payments made from customers that are at debt collection.

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