24-hour Gyms

Debitsuccess provides an integrated solution for 24-hour gyms. The full service billing solution ensures that membership payments are collected on time and in full. Combined with the Clubware Facility Management System, you will have all the tools you need for running your 24-hour fitness business. Clubware has also partnered with Paxton Access Control Systems, who can assist in setting up your security and access control requirements, which are critical for a 24-hour gym.

At a 24-hour facility, it is expected that all services will run consistently around the clock. This can pose a challenge when you could potentially have minimal face-to-face interactions with some of your clients. Clubware can help ensure that you stay on top of all your member activity, while the Debitsuccess contact centre will handle any administrative inquiries your clients may have relating to their membership payments, including following up on missed payments. For more information on how the Debitsuccess and Clubware integrated system can help your gym, please contact us.