Direct Debit Business Facility - The Debitsuccess Solution

Greater Flexibility

Customers today demand the flexibility of being able to pay on the day most convenient for them. Payment dates can be aligned with the days your customers receive money, which improves the chances of successful collection. Debitsuccess enables you to break payments down to easily manageable weekly, fortnightly, or monthly instalments.

Increase Sales and Margins

Increase your margins while improving your sales with a spread payment system. A $15 per week payment is easier to sell than a $60 per month payment yet there is an additional $60 collected over a year - an 8.3% improvement in your margin.

Consistent Cashflow

A steady and reliable cashflow is vital to any business. Relying on large one-off payments could make your business very vulnerable should these slow down for whatever reason. By splitting your payments into regular instalments you would be able to flatten out the “highs” and “lows” as well as project future cashflows, enabling you to make key decisions. Money debited by Debitsuccess is paid to you weekly, improving your cashflow.

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